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Need help ?

In a situation of conflict, crisis or any kind of personal distress, the first important action is to talk about it with someone supportive and non-judgmental. A colleague, a friend, or a professional counselor can listen and advise you on your situation, and on the next steps.

At UNIL, you can contact one of the following services or persons:

The Graduate Campus: or 021 692 21 29

The Association of PhD and intermediate staff ACIDUL, or one of the faculty associations listed here.

The Equal Opportunities Office (Bureau de l’égalité), Vieux Pressoir, 1015 Lausanne, or 021 692 20 59

Contact the Mediation Office Tel 021 692 22 22

Ask for a psychotherapeutic consultation

Contact Human Resources

Seek help

Read the well documented young academics portal



External resources

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