6. Information for faculty members

6.1. Academic calendar

The university academic calendar can be found here: Academic calendar - UNIL IMMAT


6.2. Research support

A support network is available to support faculty members during the various steps of their projects.

A good starting point are the following pages:


Contacts - UNIL Researcher's Portal

Research support (unil.ch)


FGSE Research Portal


During the first step of the development of a project, the following links may be important: 

Access to bibliography

Search for project partners

Reflection on Data, their size, analysis, protection and encryption 

Reflection on archiving: link to UNIRIS

Réflexion sur les questions déontologiques et éthiques:

  • CER-UNIL: UNIL Ethical Commission for research (outside the scope of the LRH)
  • CER-VD : Commission cantonale d'éthique de la recherche sur l'être humain (within the scope of the LRH).


6.3. Access to main publication resources

The main publication resources available to researchers at UNIL include:

Bibliothèque cantonale et universitaire - BCU Lausanne (bcu-lausanne.ch)

Academic and Cantonal Database: SERVAL


6.4. Data storage and archiving

For questions regarding storage and archiving of research data, the point of call is the UNIL UNIRIS team. Contact: Carmen Jambé, Unicentre

Regarding Open Access at UNIL: Dr. Micaela Crespo Quesada, Unicentre


6.5. Founding

A good source of information regarding funding: Funding - UNIL Researcher's Portal

If you write an application to obtain funding, Amélie Dreiss is there to help you.  Contact: Géopolis - bureau 4613, Tél: +41 (0)21 692 35 05, mail: amelie.dreiss@unil.ch


6.5. Swiss Mobile Phone Apps

Here is a list of phone apps that are useful to have:

  • SBB App (Swiss Railway): To look up transport timetables, buy tickets and more!
  • Swisstopo: To plan your hike on the swiss maps, and know your GPS location.
  • Rega: Swiss helicopter rescue service in the mountains - become a member for 30.- CHF / year to be saved for free in the mountains (only in case of serious accident!)
  • Too good to go: Order cheap food that is leftover (from bakeries, restaurants, etc.) 
  • Meteoswiss: official weather app of Switzerland
  • Meteoblue: another useful weather forecast app
  • Swiss Postcard App: to create a postcard from your phone picture(s) and send it to someone for free
  • SchweizMobil: to plan hiking trips
  • SwissMap: another map application for orientation and navigation
  • SLF: to learn about snow- and avalanche conditions


6.6. Taking Passport photos in Lausanne

For administrative purposes, you may need to take passport photos in your first few weeks in Lausanne.

You can find photo booths in most train stations where you can do this for around CHF 10.


6.2. Teaching support

The UNIL teaching support center is available for questions regarding teaching support.

Soutien à l'enseignement (CSE) - CSE UNIL