Congrès ASSP 2014

Working Group: Federalism & Territorial Politics


Panel Schedule "Local and Urban Politics in Multilevel Systems"
SVPW Congress, 30/31 January 2014, University of Berne


Thursday, 30 January 2014, 13h30–16h00; Chair: Oscar Mazzoleni

Keynote speech by Prof. A Lidström

  1. Assessing Democratic Urban Governance: Towards a Comparative Framework (Dlabac); discussant: Lambelet
  2. Urban Power in two Swiss metropolises (Lambelet); discussant: Dlabac 


Friday, 31 January 2014, 9h30–12h30; Chair: Oliver Dlabac

  1. Theorizing positioning strategies of secondary capital cities: Forerunner Washington D.C., Laggard Bern? (Kaufmann) discussant: Mazzoleni/Pilotti
  2. Institutional Constraints, Party Policy Conflict and Coalition Formation in Multilevel Systems: Evidence from the German Local Level (Debus & Gross); discussant: Mueller
  3. Explaining communal merging in Swiss urban landscapes: the City of Lugano (Mazzoleni & Pilotti); discussant: Kaufmann
  4. Fewer, Bigger, Stronger? The Political Consequences of Local Government Mergers in Switzerland (Mueller); discussants: Debus/Gross


Friday, 31 January 2014; 14h00–16h00; Chair: Sean Mueller

  1. Fiscal policies in federal countries during times of crises (Ruiz & Trein); discussant: Cappelletti
  2. The political economy of formula‐based transfers: evidence from the Swiss cantons (Cappelletti); discussants: Ruiz/Trein

Final debate and closing note by Prof. A Lidström


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