2011 Events

2011 Events

The Oxford University Society, Swiss Branch, has invited Gordon Campbell, Professor of Renaissance Studies at the University of Leicester, to give a talk on The King James Bible on Saturday, 19th November, Miséricorde, Université de Fribourg.

For those interested in attending Prof. Campbell’s lecture, please email the secretary of the Oxford University Swiss Branch, Jane Fox


Prof. Ardis Butterfield (University College, London)

"Continental Drift? Anglo-French Relationships in the Medieval World."
Wednesday November 2, 2011 (13h15 - 15h00) - Université de Lausanne Anthropole UNIL Dorigny 5071


Friday September 30 - University of Fribourg : Conference in Honour of Anthony Mortimer

13:00-13:45 SAMEMES AGM
13:45-14:30 presentation of Festschrift in honour of Professor Margaret Bridges
Mini-conference in honour of Professor Anthony Mortimer
14:30-15:15 - Neil Forsyth (University of Lausanne), 'Milton's Corrupt Bible'
15:15-16:00 - Richard Waswo (University of Geneva), 'A Theory of (Almost) Everything'
16:00-16:30 - Coffee break
16:30-17:30 - Anthony Mortimer (University of Fribourg), 'Shakespeare and Italian Poetry'





Major Publications by members: 

A Volume of Selected Articles from the conference is now available as Volume 25 of SPELL (Swiss Papers in English Language and Literature): Medieval and Early Modern Authorship, ed. Guillemette Bolens and Lukas Erne (Tübingen: Günther Narr, 2011).

Antoinina Bevan Zlatar. Reformation Fictions: Polemical Protestant Dialogues in Elizabethan England.Oxford University Press, June 2011.

Emeritus professor Anthony Mortimer, already known as translator of Petrarch, Michelangelo and the minor poems of Dante Alighieri, has just published a new verse translation of Guido Cavalcanti: Complete Poems (Richmond: Oneworld Classics, 2010). Cavalcanti, the friend and mentor of Dante, already has a strong profile in English literature thanks to translations by Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1861) and Ezra Pound (1932). They are, says Anthony Mortimer, hard but interesting acts to follow. Further details of this book can be found at the Oneworld Classics website:
<< www.oneworldclassics.com>>
Also appearing, Anthony Mortimer's new translation of Dante's *Vita Nuova*

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