2020 Events and News

University of Zürich

5 Novembre 2020


Guest lecture: Prof. Jean-Christophe Mayer (CNRS): "Reading Shakespeare in Early Modern England (1590-1800): Tracing and Interpreting the Archival Evidence".

University of Geneva

CUSO Doctoral Workshop in Medieval and Early Modern English Studies

Roughly fortnightly events, with a mix of guest lectures, workshops, work-in-progress papers, etc. See full program for Spring and Autumn 2020 below.

23 Septembre 2020


Guest workshop: Prof. Greg Walker (University of Edinburgh): "'Almost in all things good lessons they teach': The Epigrams and Proverbs of John Heywood and Robert Crowley".

University of Bern

28 May 2020

Mary Flannery: "Obscenity and Canonicity in Early Print Editions of The Canterbury Tales.


26 July 2020

Swiss Study Day In Medieval and Early Modern English (Online) org. by Amy Brown

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