2008 Events

Conferences, Workshops and Activities

Doctoral Programme Module on 'Origins: Medieval and Early Modern English Texts and Contexts'. 4 - 5 April 2008, University of Fribourg. 4 - 5 April 2008, University of FribourgWorkshop leaders and guest speakers: Prof. A. S. G. Edwards (De Montfort University) and Prof. Gary Taylor (Florida State University). Organizers: Prof. Indira Ghose (University of Fribourg), Prof. Margaret Bridges (University of Berne) Prof. Lukas Erne (University of Geneva) Prof. Denis Renevey (University of Lausanne).

"Chaucer in the Alps: Reading Medieval Romances", Study Weekend for students, Les Diablerets. Organised by the Medievalists of the English Department in Lausanne, 19-20 April.

3 - 4 October 2008, University of Berne. First SAMEMES Conference. Pretexts, Intertextualities, and the Construction of Textual Identity 

The conference is open to all interested participants and will host distinguished guest speakers from abroad, including among others: Stephen Orgel (Stanford University), Ad Putter (University of Bristol), David Wallace (University of Pennsylvania); Helen Wilcox (University of Bangor)

For details and photos of the 2008 conference, follow the link below:

2008 Conference


Special and Guest Lectures

Professor Celia Daileader (Florida State University): Othellophilia: Does Shakespeare's Othello Promote Racism? Thursday 3 April, University of Fribourg


Diane Watt (University of Aberystwyth), Julian of Norwich's Revelations, Wednesday 16 April, University of Lausanne


Inaugural Lecture by Prof. Dr. Indira Ghose "Fooling Around With Death: Hamlet in the Graveyard." Thursday, 8 May 2008, University of Fribourg


Stephen Orgel: 'Open Secrets: Magic in the World of Faustus and Prospero', 1 October 2008, University of Geneva


David Wallace, "English Nuns: Passages from Chaucer's Madame Eglentyne to Marvell's 'Appleton House'" 6 October, University of Lausanne


Stephen Orgel, 'Depicting Shakespeare', 8 October 2008, University of Lausanne


Stephen Orgel: 'Seeing through Costume', 9 October 2008, University of Fribourg


Christophe Tournu: 'John Milton: de la famille à la république', 1 December 2008, University of Geneva

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