2017 Events and News

University of Berne | University of Geneva | University of Lausanne

University of Berne

10–13 October 2017

International exploratory workshop

The Senses: Past and Present (3rd workshop of international research project headed by Annette-Kern Stähler, Fiona Macpherson, and Elizabeth Robertson)

University of Geneva

Doctoral workshop

Roughly fortnightly events, with a mix of guest lectures, workshops, work-in-progress papers, etc. See full program for Spring and Autumn 2017 below and visit webpage here.


University of Lausanne

1 March 2017 1.15 p.m., Anthropole room 5196

Guest Lecture

Irina Dumitrescu (University of Bonn): "Veiling Time: The Fascination of Older Women in Medieval Literature"

14 March 2017 4.30 p.m., Amphimax room 413


Simon Armitage (University of Sheffield): Workshop on the translation of medieval poetry

26 April 2017 1.15 p.m., Anthropole room 5196

Guest Lecture

Elizabeth Robertson (University of Glasgow): "'Seeing is Believing: Veridical Perception in Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde and 'The Merchant's Tale'"

11 October 2017 1.15 p.m., Anthropole room 2064

Guest Lecture

Alessandra Petrina (Università degli Studi di Padova): "From the Margins: Early Modern Scottish Writing"

8 November 2017 1.15 p.m., Anthropole room 2064

Project presentation

Hazel Blair, Christiania Whitehead, and Denis Renevey: "Region and Nation in Late Medieval Devotion to Northern English Saints"

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