2021 Events and News

University of Fribourg


7 September 2021

Doctoral school

Paolo Borsa, Elisabeth Dutton, and Ralph Müller: "(Un)-Equal Pairs ? Comparative Literature: Time and Place from the Middle Ages to the Present Day"



Vanessa Lim joined the department on a year-long Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship in September 2021.

Kilian Schindler won the Martin-Lehnert Prize 2020 of the German Shakespeare Foundation for his dissertation entitled ‘The Limits of Toleration: Religious Dissimulation and Early Modern Drama, c. 1590-1614’.



University of Neuchâtel


1 May 2021

CUSO workshop

"Literary Utopia / Dystopia" (org. Honor Jackson and Emma Depledge)

Guest lectures by Dr. Ben Parsons (University of Leicester) and Dr. Rachel Willie (Liverpool John Moores University).

29 October 2021

SAMEMES AGM and guest lecture

Guest lecture by Prof. Isabel Karremann (University of Zurich): "Falstaff, again: Serial memory in early modern culture".



Honor Jackson will be on research leave in California for a year on an SNSF grant.

The SNSF-funded research project ‘Civility, Cultural Exchange and Conduct Literature in Early Modern England, 1500-1800’ was moved from Fribourg to Neuchâtel. Douglas Clark has been engaged as a senior research assistant in the project.

An edited collection by Gemma Allred, entitled ‘Lockdown Shakespeare: New Evolutions in Performance and Adaptation’ is forthcoming with Arden Shakespeare.



University of Lausanne


English Department Research Seminar Series

29 April 2021

Guest Lecture by Prof. Sebastian Sobecki (University of Gröningen): "MS Harley 219, The Gesta Romanorum, and Hoccleve’s Poetics of Autobiography."

7 October 2021


Denis Renevey: "The Transformative Power of Breath: Music, Alternative Therapy, and Medieval Practices of Contemplation".


28 October 2021


Ana Rita Parreiras Reis: "Despairing Readers and Therapeutic Readings in Late Medieval England: Texts of Spiritual Guidance as Extended Cognition."





Rory Critten was appointed as assistant professorship in medieval studies.

Two SNSF-funded research projects were launched: ‘Reconfiguring the apophatic tradition” (Denis Renevey, Olena Danylovych, Christiania Whitehead) and ‘Theater and Judgment in Early Modern England’ (Kevin Curran, Patrick Durdel, Céline Magada)

The Shakespeare Festival took place in May 2021

Juliette Vuille was invited on the RTS program "BABEL" to discuss the topic of "holy harlots." The podcast is accessible here.



University of Bern


11 March 2021

Guest lecture by WIlliam Brockbank (Oxford): "Ecocriticism and Medieval Studies" (Online)



Two new members of staff took up their positions in medieval English studies: William Brockbank (postdoc project ‘Sensing Nature: The Role of the Senses in Literary Representations of the Non-Human World in Anglo-Saxon England’) and Hannah Piercy, as postdoctoral research and teaching assistant in Medieval Studies.

Matthias Berger won the PhD dissertation prize (2000 CHF) awarded by the Berner Mittelalterzentrum-Freundeskreis on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Berner Mittelalterzentrum.



University of Geneva


4 May 2021

Online roundtable hosted by the Society for Renaissance Studies, devoted to ‘Early Modern German Shakespeare in Action: Creation Theatre’s Romio und Julieta’.

6 May 2021

Rehearsed reading by Creation Theatre of Romio und Julieta in the English translation, published by Arden Shakespeare.

10 November

Cuso Event: Animating Books: Rethinking Book History


CUSO Doctoral Workshop in Medieval and Early Modern English Studies

Roughly fortnightly events, with a mix of guest lectures, workshops, work-in-progress papers, etc. See full program for Spring and Autumn 2021 below.

6 October

Prof. Christiania Whitehead (Universities of Warwick, Lausanne and Geneva): "New Directions in Late Medieval English Lyric Studies".





Emily Smith was appointed to an assistant position in the summer of 2020, following Oliver Morgan’s move to the University of Cambridge.

Oliver Morgan, now a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow at the University of Cambridge, is the joint winner of the 2020 Shakespeare’s Globe Book Award for his monograph Turn-Taking in Shakespeare (Oxford UP, 2019), based on his Geneva PhD thesis.

In spring 2021, Aleida Auld completed her PhD thesis entitled ‘Reconfiguring Early Modern English Poetry in the Editorial Tradition: Shakespeare, Donne, Herbert, and Milton’.

Georgia Fulton was appointed to an assistant position in the summer of 2021

Emily Smith has received the Alexandra Johnston Award by the Medieval and Renaissance Society for the best conference paper in early drama studies by a graduate student. Her paper was entitled “‘And you may have more sport’: Dekker’s Epilogues in the Theatrical Marketplace”.



University of Zürich


29 March 2021

Online workshop as part of the Zurich Early Modern Online Resources Seminar (ZEMORS): "Promoting Digital Resources for Early Modern English Studies".

Next online seminar: 29 November, 2-4pm. More information here.



Two postdoctoral assistants were hired in 2019: Beatrice Montedoro (early modern drama) and Anne-Claire Michoux (eighteenth-century literature)

Sophie Battel took up a position as senior assistant in September 2021.

Isabel Karremann was appointed general editor of the Shakespeare Jahrbuch in 2021.



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