2016 Events and News

University of Fribourg

30 April 2016

CUSO workshop

Professor Alan Stewart (Columbia University): “How to Write a Life in Early Modern England”

University of Geneva

Doctoral workshop

Roughly fortnightly events, with a mix of guest lectures, workshops, work-in-progress papers, etc. See full program for Autumn 2016 below and visit webpage here.

Thursday, 26 May, 6.15 p.m., Room A206, Uni-Bastions, Aile Jura

Guest Lecture

Brian Cummings (University of York): "Erasmus on Literature and Knowledge"

University of Lausanne

2-3 March 2016, Amphibole 189.1 and 340

CUSO workshop

Daniel Wakelin (Oxford University) and Frédéric Duval (Ecole Nationale des Chartes, Paris): "Les sciences du manuscrit"

Wednesday March 16, 5.15pm Anthropole 2055

CUSO workshop

Daniel Starza Smith (Lincoln College, Oxford) and Jana Dambrogio (MIT): “Letterlocking in Shakespeare’s England: The Art and Technology of Epistolary Security”

31 March to 2 April 2016

International conference

“This tretice, by me compiled”: Late Medieval Devotional Compilations in England

Conference website

27 April 2016 1.15 p.m., Anthropole room 5136

Guest Lecture

Ad Putter (Bristol University): "Medieval Romance and Song"

18 May 2016 1.15 p.m., Anthropole room 5136

Guest Lecture

Heather O'Donoghue (Oxford University): "Old North Myth and Some Contemporary Poets in English" (Stainer, Duhig, Jamie and Patterson)

18 May 2016 5 p.m., Grange de Dorigny Theatre

Guest Lecture

Bernard O'Donoghue (Oxford University): Poetry Reading

24-25 June 2016

Lausanne Shakespeare Festival


University of Zurich

9-11 September 2016

Samemes conference

What is an Image in Medieval and Early Modern England?

Conference website


7 October 2016, 10:00-17:30 in SOE-E-2


'English Historical Linguistics in Zurich and Beyond', with a keynote by Prof. Dr. Anita Auer

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