Safety Officers (COSEC)

Safety organization in the Faculties


At UNIL, respondents have been nominated in each entity presenting hazards within the meaning of CFST Directive 6508 (Appendix 1). They cover different themes according to the activities of the department / institute / school:

  • COSEC: Overall safety of the entity. Key contact for all safety-related issues
  • BSO: Biological Safety Officer (see page dedicated to Biological Safety)
  • Radiation protection expert: for all activities involving radioactive sources
  • Chemical respondent: for all questions relating to the handling of chemicals
  • Waste handler: in charge of special waste for the department
  • Animal facility manager: responsible for organization and safety in animal facilities.

Who do I contact?

First of all, contact your COSEC, who will be able to direct you to the right contact depending on your needs.

Who's my COSEC?

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You will find the list of safety correspondents for each department with special hazards HERE

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