Governance & management

  • Governance, management and performance of sport organizations
  • Integrity, sporting ethics and social responsibility
  • Marketing and sponsoring of sport
  • Organization of sports events and heritage
  • Lives and careers (executives, athletes, etc.)

This research theme examines the specificities of the governance and management of sport organizations (Olympic committees, federations, event organizers, etc.). The issues of ethics and social responsibility play an essential role in understanding and measuring overall organizational performance. Hence, it is necessary to study violations of ethics (match-fixing, sports betting, corruption, etc.) in order to understand their consequences in terms of crisis management and governance reforms. This research theme also covers the weight of brands and the intangible value of sport in sports sponsorship.   


Researchers working on this theme:

Faculty of Social and Political Sciences

Institute of Sports Sciences

  • Emmanuel Bayle - Associate professor
  • Emilie Jaccard - Lecturer
  • Markus Lang - Associate professor
  • Tommy Quansah - Graduate Assistant
  • Jérémy Moulard - Junior Lecturer
  • Zahid Mustafi - Graduate Assistant
  • Olivier Mutter - Project Manager, Lecturer


Faculty of Law, Criminal Justice and Public Administration 

Swiss Graduate School of Public Administration

  • Jean-Loup Chappelet - Professor Emeritus
  • Colm Patrick Hickey - Project Manager

Faculty of Business and Economics

Department of Organizational Behavior

  • John Antonakis - Full professor
  • Marianne Schmid Mast - Full professor

(Fairness, diversity, tolerance, stress management, leadership)

Department of Accounting and Auditing

  • Daniel Oyon - Full professor (Financial and accounting analysis of sport organizations)

Department of Marketing

  • Felicitas Morhart - Full professor (Brands and sport)

Department of Operations

  • Valérie Chavez Demoulin - Full professor
  • Olivier Gallay – Assistant professor

(Data analysis, statistical models and forecasts, scheduling, risk management)
Department of Strategy

  • Jean-Philippe Bonardi - Full professor

(Strategies of sport organizations, government-international institution relations, reputation management, CSR)

Publications on this research theme:

  • Dietl, H., Lang, M., & Lin, P. (2022). The effects of introducing advertising in pay TV: a model of asymmetric competition between pay TV and free TV. The BE Journal of Theoretical Economics.
  • Mustafi, Z., & Bayle, E. (2022). Local potential and strategic models in a small market outside the Big Five: the case of Switzerland’s Super League. Soccer & Society, 1-21.
  • Mustafi, Z., & Bayle, E. (2022). Regulating the labour market for professional footballers: Post-Brexit challenges for Swiss football. In Sport and Brexit (pp. 176-195). Routledge.
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