Sport and tourism regions

  • Sports tourism
  • Tourism regions
  • Sports facilities
  • Sports events
  • Territorial marketing

This theme examines the role of sport in the growth and development of tourism regions, using a variety of approaches to investigate the respective roles of sports facilities, major sports events (so-called “heritage events”), leisure and tourist activities, and territorial marketing. Although much of the work carried out within this theme focuses on the mountain areas of Switzerland, the group’s research also covers Switzerland’s urban areas and other mountainous and non-mountainous regions of Europe. In addition to examining fundamental issues underlying the links between sport and tourism development, the theme includes research to answer the needs of local development stakeholders (politicians, tourism and sport development bodies, etc.).


Researchers working on this theme:

Institute of Sports Sciences

  • Emmanuel Bayle – Associate professor
  • Emilie Jaccard – Doctoral student, lecturer
  • Olivier Mutter – Project manager, lecturer

Institute of Geography and Sustainable Development

  • Christophe Clivaz – Associate professor
  • David Gogishvili – Senior FNS researcher
  • Martin Müller – Associate professor

Swiss Graduate School of Public Administration

  • Jean-Loup Chappelet – Professor Emeritus

Publications on this research theme:

  • Gogishvili, D. & Harris-Brandts, S. (2022). Urban impacts of second-tier mega-events in the Global East: The European Youth Olympic Festival in Tbilisi and Baku. In C. Hanakata, F. Bignami & N. Cuppini (Éds.), Mega Events, Urban Transformations and Social Citizenship (p. 136‑152). Routledge.
  • Müller, M., & Gogishvili, D. (2022). What makes an event a mega-event? Definitions and sizes. In C. Hanakata, F. Bignami & N. Cuppini (Éds.), Mega Events, Urban Transformations and Social Citizenship: A Multi-Disciplinary Analysis for An Epistemological Foresight (p. 21-35). Routledge.
  • Müller, M., Gogishvili, D., & Wolfe, S. D. (2022). The structural deficit of the Olympics and the World Cup: Comparing costs against revenues over time. Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space, 54(6), 1200-1218.
  • Wolfe, S. D. (2022). Building a better host city? Reforming and contesting the Olympics in Paris 2024. Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space, 23996544221129409.


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