Julien Leuenberger

First-steps project:

Networks analysis of wetlands of international importance

Supervisor(s): Séverine Vuilleumier Varisco


Master thesis:

Monitoring the invasion of Rana (Pelophylax) ridibunda

Supervisor(s): Nicolas Perrin




Dubey S., Leuenberger J., Perrin N., 2014. Multiple origins of invasive and "native" water frogs (Pelophylax spp.) in Switzerland. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 112(3) pp. 442-449.

Leuenberger J., Gander A., Schmidt B.R., Perrin N., 2014. Are invasive marsh frogs (Pelophylax ridibundus) replacing the native P. lessonae /P. esculentus hybridogenetic complex in Western Europe? Genetic evidence from a field study. Conservation Genetics 15(4) pp. 869-878.

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