Lucille Chapuis

First-steps project:

Female caste differentiation in ants: Queen or worker control?

Supervisor(s): Tanja Schwander & Laurent Keller


Master thesis:

Cleaner fish vs cleaner shrimp: who's got the best strategy?

Supervisor(s): Redouan Bshary & Laurent Keller



Publication related to this master:

Schwander, T., Humbert, J.-Y., Brent, C. S., Helms Cahan, S., Chapuis, L., Renai, E. & Keller, L. 2008. Maternal effect on female caste determination in a social insect. Current Biology, 18, 265-269.

Chapuis, L. & Bshary, R. 2010 Signalling by the cleaner shrimp Periclimenes longicarpus. Animal Behaviour, 79, 645-647.



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