Audrey Megali

First-steps project:

Mortality of male brood in single-queen colonies of invasive fire ants

Supervisor(s): Michiel Dijkstra


Master thesis:

Diseases in the dark: detection of haemosporidia and lyssavirus in temperate zone bats

Supervisor(s): Philippe Christe


Publications related to this master:

Megali A., Yannic G., Christe P., 2010. Disease in the dark: molecular characterization of Polychromophilus murinus in temperate zone bats revealed a worldwide distribution of this malaria-like disease. Molecular Ecology (in press)

Megali A., Yannic G., Zahno M.L., Brügger D., Bertoni G., Christe P., Zanoni R., 2010. Surveillance for European bat lyssavirus in Swiss bats. Archives of Virology 155(10), 1655-1662.


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