Franziska Schneider

First-steps project:

Do flies learn to avoid pathogens?

Supervisor(s): Tadeusz Kawecki


Master thesis:

Adaptive host selection by the bat-malaria vector Nycteribia kolenatii>

Supervisor(s): Philippe Christe



Publications related to Master thesis:

Witsenburg F., Schneider F., Christe P., 2014. Epidemiological traits of the malaria-like parasite Polychromophilus murinus in the Daubenton's bat Myotis daubentonii. Parasites & Vectors (in press)

Witsenburg F., Schneider F., Christe P., 2014. Signs of a vector's adaptive choice: on the evasion of infectious hosts and parasite-induced mortality. Oikos (in press)




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