Severine Buechel

First-steps project:

The impact of grooming on a fungal infection in an ant species

Supervisor(s): P. Christe, A. Reber & M. Chapuisat


Master thesis:

Investigating selective death among female brood of Solenopsis invicta

Supervisor(s): Laurent Keller


Publications related to this master:

Reber, A., Purcell, J., Buechel, S. D., Buri, P. & Chapuisat, M. 2011 The expression and impact of antifungal grooming in ants. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 24:954-964.

Buechel, S. D., Wurm, Y. & Keller, L. 2014 Social chromosome variants differentially affect queen determination and the survival of workers in the fire ant Solenopsis invicta. Molecular Ecology, in press.






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