Barman Rachel

First-steps project:

Gene flow between wheat and its wild relatives: the case of Aegilops triuncialis in the Grazalema Mountain system (Andalusia, Spain)

Supervisor(s): Nadir Alvarez


Master thesis:

Bat malaria and thermal energetics

Supervisor(s): Michel Genoud / Fardo Witsenburg / Philippe Christe



Publication related to this first-steps thesis:

Pajkovic M, Lappe S, Barman R, Parisod C, Neuenschwander S, Goudet J, Alvarez N, Guadagnuolo R, Felber F, Arrigo N, 2014. Wheat alleles introgress into selfing wild relatives: empirical estimates from Approximate Bayesian Computation in Aegilops triuncialis. Molecular Ecology 23:5089-5101.

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