Uppal Anshu

First-steps project:

Establishing a system for culturing symbiotic fungi with different plant species

Supervisor(s): Ian Sanders / Pawel Rosikiewicz


Master thesis:

Distorted population sex ratios in salmonids caused by climate change and sex-specific susceptibility to the proliferative kidney disease ?

Supervisor(s): Manuel Pompini / Claus Wedekind


*Maitre, D., *Selmoni, O.M., *Uppal, A., Marques da Cunha, L., Wilkins, L.G.E., Roux, J., Mobley, K.B., Castro, I., #Knörr, S., #Robinson-Rechavi, M., #Wedekind, C. 2017. Sex differentiation in grayling (Salmonidae) goes through an all-male stage and is delayed in genetic males who instead grow faster.

Scientific Reports 7:15024.

(* shared first authors; # shared senior authors)

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