Current students

Current PhD students in Business Analytics

Name Department Keywords
AIGNER Maximilian Operations Extreme Values, Likelihood Theory, Stochastic Processes
BACHELARD Cyril Operations Algorithmic Sampling; Portfolio Optimization; Statistical Learning
BAERISWYL Fabien Operations Applied Probability, Statistics of Stochastic Processes, Point Processes, Extreme Value Theory
BODIK Juraj Operations Extreme value theory, Causality, Time series
GAJDA Mikele Operations Operations Research, Mathematical Optimization, Logistics and Transportation systems
KEMMNER Felicia Operations Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain Platforms, and Operations Management
LI Yiming Marketing Natural Language Processing, Image Processing and Deep Learning
MARTINEZ JARAMILLO Juan Esteban Operations Energy Modeling; System Dynamics and Socio-economic Modeling
MAURY Emma Operations Healthcare Analytics, Queuing Theory, KPIs and Visualization
MIKUSHIN Dmitry Finance Large Scale Economic Modelling; GPU Computing; High-dimensional Adaptive Sparse Grids
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