Current students

Current PhD students in Finance

Name Department Research interests
Abuzov Rustam Finance Empirical corporate finance
Baschenko Oksana Finance Macro-finance, econometrics, modeling of asset prices
Carnemolla Eugenio Finance Empirical asset pricing, behavioral finance, and investment
Chen Zhimin Finance
Didisheim Antoine Finance Market micro structure, machine learning
Eilert Max Daniel Finance
Fraschini Martina Finance Empirical asset pricing, networks
Goutte Maud Finance Cryptocurrencies, empirical asset pricing
Hajda Jakub Finance Empirical and structural corporate finance, capital structure, product markets, innovation
Ivashchenko Alexey Finance ​Empirical asset pricing, macro-finance, market microstructure
Jaunin Coralie Finance Corporate finance, banking
Nielsen Mads Finance Dynamic and information-based asset pricing, machine learning, narrative economics
Pauli Alexandre Finance Macrofinance, banking, financial stability policy, estimation of rational expectations model
Rötzer Sebastian Finance Corporate finance, industrial organization
Somoza Luciano Finance Empirical corporate finance, banking and banking regulation
Wagner Sam Finance
Wang Zepeng Finance
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