How long is the reading exam?

The reading exam consists in a 30-minutes presentation on one of five papers chosen by the PhD student (including questions on any of  the five papers.

How long is the thesis proposal presentation?

The thesis proposal presentation consists in a 45-minutes (including questions) presentation.

Where can I find a methodology seminar?

A methodology seminar is proposed at the ISI every year. As an alternative,  the PhD student  can also attend a methodology seminar organized by another institute of Unil,  EPFL or any other university with the explicit agreement of the thesis adviser.

What is a reading?

A reading can be either a conference or journal paper, or a book section or chapter.

What is the personalized program?

The personalized program is a set of classes or projects each PhD student must attend during the first phase. It is personalized in the sense that each PhD student has potentially a unique program, proposed by her/his adviser. The workload of the program should roughly correspond to 12 ECTS credits.

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