Doctoral Seminar in Urban Political Ecology

Mandalay © J. Sanchez

Urban Political Ecology: current trends in a growing epistemic field
20-21 May 2021, University of Lausanne



During this seminar, we will explore current research trends in the epistemic field known as Urban Political Ecology (UPE). UPE offers “an integrated and relational approach that helps untangle the interconnected economic, political, social and ecological processes that together go to form highly uneven urban landscapes” (Swyngedouw & Heynen, 2003).

The first morning will be dedicated to keynotes designed to provide a theoretical overview of the field, from its Marxist roots to more recent post-structuralist, Foucauldian, situated, feminist and embodied developments. Further, the geographies of knowledge production within the field will be introduced.

The first afternoon will have the format of a “flipped classroom”. Building on readings of UPE publications, the participants will be given the opportunity to discuss current research trends in the Urban Political Ecologies of water.

In the evening, Prof. Yaffa Truelove will deliver a public lecture, provisionally entitled “In-between People & Infrastructure: a Feminist Political Ecology of Water in Delhi”. This will be followed by a social gathering.

The second day will be dedicated to a field visit of Lausanne’s wastewater treatment infrastructure, followed by a methodological workshop focusing on inter-disciplinarity in UPE, that is, how the field can productively bring together insights from ecological and social sciences.



Prof. René Véron, University of Lausanne, Institute of Geography and Sustainability

Dr. Jérémie Sanchez, University of Lausanne, Institute of Geography and Sustainability


Guest speaker

Prof. Yaffa Truelove, University of Colorado Boulder, Department of Geography

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