Book Launch

Saturday 12.11.2022 - 12:30-14:00 - GEOPOLIS BUILDING, Room 1612

Populism and Science in Europe

edited by Hande Eslen-Ziya and Alberta Giorgi


Contributors: Carlo Berti, Elisabeth L. Engebretsen, Alberta Giorgi, Gilles Ivaldi, Oscar Mazzoleni, Maria Francesca Murru, Emilia Palonen, Clemente Penalva-Verdú, Luca Raffini, Mette Marie Roslyng, Carlo Ruzza, Tuija Saresma, Thomas Sattich, Liv Sunnercrantz, Tevfik Murat Yildirim, Hande Eslen-Ziya.


With an interview to: Andrea Pető


The book deals with the role of science in populism. Research shows how science is put forward in populists’ discourse: traditional epistemic authorities are frequently contested by advocating alternative knowledge authorities, and in some cases, alternative epistemologies as well. With a specific focus on Europe, the book provides an overview of current research on the topic, including: (1) a theoretical focus on alternative science, counterscience, pseudo-science, troll-science, conspiracy theories, “truth”, and the role of experts and expertise; (2) empirical analyses focusing on different fields of science and science-related debates (among which: gender, veganism, vaccination, climate change) in different countries (including Finland, Italy, Portugal, Denmark, Spain, Switzerland, France, Norway, Germany and the USA) and at the European Union level; (3) a discussion about the effects of science-related controversies on scientific work in Europe. The book is a point of reference for future research on the topic.


Some of the contributors will be present for the discussion.

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