Coaching for Communicating in English in an Academic Context (from B1/B2) - guided independent learning module

Do you need to submit a proposal, write an article or write your thesis in English? Give a course or present at a conference? Participate in a round-table discussion?

If you wish to improve your communication skills in English with professional personalised guidance but by working independently on your personal objectives, this way of learning is for you.

info.gifFor: doctoral students, researchers and members of the teaching staff

Practical information

Course structure

  • Four one-hour meetings per semester with your tutor (by appointment)
  • Use of the Multimedia Centre (free-access) if need be

Aim of the meetings

  • The first will allow your needs to be analysed, your objectives to be defined and areas of study to be established.
  • During the three remaining interviews, based on an analysis of your specific situation, your tutor will provide you with precise feedback on your oral and written work, suggest ways in which to improve and comment on his/her corrections

NB. Please note that your tutor’s role is to structure and help you to manage your learning within the framework of the module (see above).

Practical information

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