Logistical Submission


The logistical submission enables you to make specific requests regarding the organizational aspects of your experiment. Additionally, it will give the LABEX Coordination team more information on the study you intend to run and serve as guidance in the participant recruitment and in the programming of the lab sessions.

Please fill in the logistical submission at least two weeks before running your experiment. Be aware that the LABEX Coordination team needs approximately one week to process a submission.

As of April 2022, all submissions (Ethical, Financial, Logistical) must be completed via the HEC Research Platform. You will find the link here below.


Research Platform


If you use a different population than the ORSEE Subject Pool for your experiment, you do not need to fill in a logistical request form.

What kind of conditions of eligibility criteria can be used on ORSEE?

You'll find more details about the eligibility / selection criteria in the FAQ's of the HEC research platform.

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As of April 2022, all Submissions (Ethical, Financial, Logistical) must be completed at the HEC Research Platform. Please use Pulse Secure to get connected to it. You will find the link below.


Research Platform


The HEC Research Platform will help you centralize both your studies and submissions.

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