The entrepreneurial spirit promotion strategy of the University of Lausanne is based on four fundamental values :


Contribution refers to the desire to support and promote ideas and projects capable of making a positive social or environmental impact and thus driving change for a sustainable future.


Interdisciplinarity implies that the system put in place is aimed at the seven faculties and all the disciplines taught within UNIL and, on the other hand, that projects relating to several disciplines are encouraged.


Diversity presupposes that a variety of projects can emerge, whether or not they are technological in nature, whether they are aimed at profitability or whether they are non-profit, or whether they are carried out by students, members of the PAT or the intermediary body.


The collaboration stems from the existence, in the canton of Vaud, of a well-established ecosystem made up of a set of actors active in one way or another in the promotion of entrepreneurship. In a collaborative dynamic, the University forges links and creates bridges in order to generate synergies with these different actors.

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