UNIL alumni are a great asset for UNIL and a key potential component, currently insufficiently valued in terms of support for entrepreneurship. Alumni can take part in different ways depending on their professional background and their desires.

As a project leader, they have access to certain programs. For example, in the first editions of our UCreate program, they represented around 20% of participants. As actors of change, entrepreneurs or intrapreneur alumni are an important source of inspiration for the community. As such, our "100 entrepreneurs UNIL" initiative, which will eventually bring together the testimonials of 100 alumni entrepreneurs, is already showing the richness and entrepreneurial diversity of UNIL. The alumni have also shown themselves to be interested in contributing to the activities of the support system as a trainer, coach, mentor or member of the jury. Finally, as actors who often hold decision-making positions in companies in the region, they are potential partners to sponsor projects or collaborate during events.

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