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Student associations, through their activities, contribute to the dynamics and entrepreneurial spirit of the University of Lausanne. The HUB wishes to help the members of its Student Advisory Board and all presidents and vice-presidents of student associations to develop key skills to fulfill this rewarding and challenging role.

Presidents and vice-presidents of UNIL student associations : to help you in your key role, workshops made for you !

Congratulations on your election as head of your association. It's a wonderful challenge and a great way to contribute to our ecosystem. It is also a confrontation for you with new challenges with some potential questions :

  • Is the mission we "inherited" clear or a little fuzzy ?
  • How do I develop communication on a small budget, when I have multiple targets ?
  • How do you keep teams motivated when everyone is volunteering and very busy ?
  • How do we make our meetings that are often long and potentially without follow-up more efficient ?

… and so many other questions that are typical of the student association world.

Through examples, some very simple tools and exchanges between you, these free workshops offered by the HUB Entrepreneurship and Innovation will give you some essential keys that will make your role more impactful and we hope more rewarding. More information about our workshops under this link.

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