Obtain financial support

The HUB Entrepreneurship and Innovation supports new initiatives of the members of its student advisory board. For this, a fund of up to CHF 10'000.- per year is available to support 1) new projects 2) carried by the association 3) in line with the mission of the HUB. The HUB grants itself the right to choose the projects supported and the relevance of these projects to its mission. Finally, the HUB promotes projects that would not have been possible without such support.

Anyone can apply for support up to CHF 2'500.- (maximum amount of one request per association). This support is not sponsorship but assistance to enable you to start, develop a new project within your association. The objective is that your initiative becomes independent & supported by sponsors.

Are you a member of the Student Advisory Board of the HUB and would like to submit a request ? Please write to us at hub@unil.ch.

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