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2017-> Anglo-American Literary Survey 1&2... Cours
2017-> Critical Approaches... Séminaire
2016-> Shakespeare's Theater... Séminaire
2015-> Etudes anglaises: conférences (Guest Lecture / Staff Meeting)... Cours
2021->2021 Marlowe's Theater... Séminaire
2021->2021 The Shakespeare Workshop... Séminaire

Former teaching

2020->2020 English Renaissance Drama... Séminaire
2020->2020 Experiments in Theater, 1950 to the Present ... Séminaire
2020->2020 Explication de Textes: William Shakespeare's Hamlet... Séminaire
2020->2020 Shakespeare and Selfhood... Séminaire
2015->2020 Research Methodologies... Séminaire
2019->2019 Explication de textes : Theaters of Knowledge : Marlowe and Shakespeare... Séminaire
2019->2019 Explication de textes : The Merchant of Venice: Text and Script... Séminaire
2019->2019 Explication de textes : William Wycherley's The Country Wife... Séminaire
2019->2019 Global Theatricality in Renaissance England... Séminaire
2019->2019 The Legal Imagination: Renaissance Texts/Contemporary Questions... Séminaire
2019->2019 What Can Theater Do? Thinking with Caryl Churchill... Séminaire
2018->2018 Experiments in Theater, 1950 to the Present... Séminaire
2018->2018 Explication de textes : George Etherege's The Man of Mode... Séminaire
2018->2018 Explication de textes : Shakespeare's Sonnets... Séminaire
2018->2018 Explication de textes : Shakespeare Through Performance : Much Ado About Nothing and King Lear... Séminaire
2018->2018 Modernist Women's Erotic Writing... Séminaire
2018->2018 Renaissance Theatricality... Séminaire
2017->2018 English Renaissance Drama... Séminaire
2017->2017 Introduction to Literary Analysis... Séminaire
2017->2017 Shakespeare and Selfhood... Séminaire
2017->2017 The Legal Imagination in Renaissance England... Séminaire
2016->2016 Explication de textes : Shakespeare's Sonnets... Séminaire
2016->2016 Explication de textes : Tragic Knowledge: Marlowe's Faustus, Shakespeare's Macbeth... Séminaire
2016->2016 Renaissance Theatricality... Séminaire
2016->2016 Survey of Anglo-American Literature, Parts I and II... Cours
2016->2016 The Global Renaissance... Séminaire
2013->2016 Introduction aux approches critiques... Cours
2015->2015 Community and Conflict: Literature and Society from Jonson to Milton... Séminaire
2015->2015 English Renaissance Drama: Performance, Reception, Imagination... Séminaire
2015->2015 Introduction to Literary Analysis... Séminaire
2015->2015 Shakespeare and Selfhood... Séminaire




Kevin Curran specializes in English Renaissance drama with a particular focus on Shakespeare. He is the editor of the book series “Edinburgh Critical Studies in Shakespeare and Philosophy” and author of Shakespeare’s Legal Ecologies: Law and Distributed Selfhood (2017) and Marriage, Performance, and Politics at the Jacobean Court (2009). He is the editor of Renaissance Personhood (2019), Shakespeare and Judgment (2016), and co-editor of a special issue of the journal Criticism on “Shakespeare and Phenomenology” (2012). In 2017, Prof. Curran was named Distinguished International Visiting Fellow at the Center for the History Of Emotions in Australia. He is the founder and President of the Lausanne Shakespeare Festival.




Kevin Curran, Shakespeare’s Legal Ecologies: Law and Distributed Selfhood. Northwestern University Press, 2017.

Shakespeare’s Legal Ecologies offers the first sustained examination of the relationship between law and selfhood in Shakespeare’s work. Taking five plays and the sonnets as case studies, Kevin Curran argues that law provided Shakespeare with the conceptual resources to imagine selfhood in social and distributed terms, as a product of interpersonal exchange or as a gathering of various material forces. In the course of these discussions, Curran reveals Shakespeare’s distinctly communitarian vision of personal and political experience, the way he regarded living, thinking, and acting in the world as materially and socially embedded practices.
At the center of the book is Shakespeare’s fascination with questions that are fundamental to both law and philosophy: What are the sources of agency? What counts as a person? For whom am I responsible, and how far does that responsibility extend? What is truly mine? Curran guides readers through Shakespeare’s responses to these questions, paying careful attention to both historical and intellectual contexts.
The result is a book that advances a new theory of Shakespeare’s imaginative relationship to law and an original account of law’s role in the ethical work of his plays and sonnets. Readers interested in Shakespeare, theater and philosophy, law, and the history of ideas will find Shakespeare’s Legal Ecologies to be an essential resource.

ISBN: 9780810135185

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