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Section d'anglais
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Christiania Whitehead specialises in religious literature of the Middle Ages, in particular, mystical and devotional writing, hagiography, allegory and lyric poetry. She is the author of Castles of the Mind: A Study of Medieval Architectural Allegory (2003), and The Afterlife of St Cuthbert: Place, Texts and Ascetic Tradition, 690-1500 (2020), and has published a critical edition of the Middle English devotional text The Doctrine of the Hert (2010), with Denis Renevey and Anne Mouron. She has also co-edited five volumes of essays, most recently Middle English Lyrics: New Readings of Short Poems (2018) with Julia Boffey. A sixth collection is forthcoming in 2022: Late Medieval Devotion to Saints from the North of England: New Directions, with Hazel Blair and Denis Renevey.

Christiania is currently Senior Researcher on the FNS project ‘Reconfiguring the Apophatic Tradition in Late Medieval England’ (2022-26).

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