Program - Speakers

June 15, 2017


9:45     Organizing committee

            Welcoming remarks

10:00   Jason Chin, MRC-LMB, GB
           "Reprogramming the Genetic Code"

10:30   Yves Van De Peer, Ghent University, BE
           "Of dups and dinos: evolution at the K/Pg boundary"

11:00   Break

11:30   Daniel Jarosz, Stanford University, USA
           "Remembering the Past: A New Form of Protein-Based Inheritance"

12:00   William Martin, University of Dusseldorf, DE
           "The physiology and habitat of the last universal common ancestor, Luca"

12:30   Lunch & Poster Session

14:00   Samantha Morris, Washington University, USA
           "A Single-Cell Resolution Blueprint for Fate Engineering"

14:30   Delphine Aymoz, University of Lausanne, CH
           "Timing of gene expression in budding yeast mating, quantified by dynamic translocation

14:45   Iñaki Ruiz-Trillo, University of Barcelona, ES
           "How unicellular protists evolved into multicellular animals? A genomic and cell biological

15:15   Darren Parker, University of Lausanne, CH 
           "What happens to sex-biased gene expression following a transition to asexuality?"

15:30   Panel discussion
           ​Looking 25 years into the future 

16:30   End


18:00:   Public lecture: Rosemary Grant & Peter Grant,  Princeton University, USA
             ​"40 years of evolution in the Galápagos: how and why species multiply and change"


June 16, 2017


10:00   Marileen Dogterom, TU Delft, NL
           "Building minimal mitotic spindles in artificial confinement"

10:30   Karen Sears, University of Illinois, USA
           "The Developmental Timing of Mammalian Limb Diversification"

11:00   Break 

11:30   Yolanda Schaerli, University of Lausanne, CH 
           "The mechanisms of gene regulatory networks constrain evolution - A lesson from synthetic
            stripe-forming circuits" 

12:00   Patrick McGrath, Georgia Tech, USA
           "50 years of solitude: Lessons of evolution from a neglected strain of C. elegans"

12:30   Thomas Auer, University of Lausanne, CH
           "Evolution of attraction in the olfactory system" 

12:45   Lunch 

14:00   Rosemary Grant, Princeton University, USA
           "Innovations through Introgression"

14:30   Noah Whiteman, University of California, Berkeley, USA 
           "Evolutionary genomics of parasitic Drosophila" 

15:00   Sylvia Cremer, IST, AT
           "Immunity of insect societies" 

 15:30   Dario Floreano, EPFL, CH
            "Biologically inspired drones"

 16:00   Conclusions

 16:30   End

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