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C. Cinesi Contracting CAG/CTG repeats using the CRISPR-Cas9 nickase Cinesi C.
S. Harmansa Nanobodies as novel tools to study morphogen gradients in vivo Harmansa S., Hamaratoglu F., Affolter M., Caussinus E.
V. Castelo-Szekely Translational contribution to tissue specificity in rhythmic and constitutive gene expression Castelo Szekely V., Arpat B., Janich P., Gatfield D.
C. Pich PPARg regulates a cell-to-cell communication program in human metastatic melanoma cells Pich C., Meylan P., Michalik L.
D. Racko Generation of supercoils in nicked and gapped DNA drives DNA unknotting and postreplicative decatenation Racko D., Benedetti F., Dorier J., Burnier Y., Stasiak A.
F. Benedetti Effects of supercoiling on enhancer-promoter contacts Benedetti F., Dorier J., Stasiak A.
B. Yang A novel inducible targeting system to study trinucleotide repeat instability Yang B., Dion V.
O. Klipa Elimination of cells with inappropriate positional identity during Drosophila wing development Klipa O., Müller M., Hamaratoglu F.
B. Arpat Analysis of Translational Pausing by Disome Profiling Arpat B., Janich P., Gatfield D.
K. Kompotis Rocking mice: Rhythmic mechanosensory stimulation in mice and its effects on sleep Kompotis K., Perrault A., Emmenegger Y., Bayer L., Schwartz S., Mühlethaler M., Franken P
L. de Oliveira Martins Simple Phylogenomic models for estimating species trees from large gene families de Oliveira Martins L., Mallo D., Posada D.
C. Train Hierarchical Orthologous Groups: From inferences to applications Train C.
E. Porcu Identifying novel genes whose tissue-specific expression level causally influence complex human traits Porcu E., Reymond A., Kutalik Z.
S. Diessler Extreme light suppression of locomotor activity in a Smith-Magenis syndrome (SMS) mouse model Diessler S., Kostic C., Arsenijevic Y., Kawasaki A., Franken P.
S. Mumbauer Characterizing target genes of the Hippo pathway Mumbauer S., Hamaratoglu F.
M. Hoekstra The double life of PER2 Hoekstra M., Franken P., Emmenegger Y.
NH. Du Hepatic miRNA loss resulted in altered adaptation to food restriction in mice Du N.-H., Hoekstra M., Arpat B., De Matos M., Franken P., Gatfield D.
H. Senez Investigating the cooperative action of THAP-domain transcription factors and HCF-1 in cell proliferation. Senez H., Herr W.
F. Carelli Functional turnover of cis-regulatory elements in mammals Carelli F., Warnefors M., Kaessmann H.
M. Jan A systems genetics approach to identify the molecular pathways controlling sleep Jan M., Diessler S., Emmenegger Y., Xenarios I., Franken P.
A. Sousek Metabotropic Glutamate Receptors of Subtype 5 (mGluR5) and Sleep Homeostasis Sousek A., Moghadam S., Schneider C., Franken P., Landolt H.-P., Tafti M.
L. Prieto-Godino An olfactory receptor pseudo-pseudogene Prieto-Godino L., Rytz R., Bargeton B., Abuin L., Arguello R., Dal Peraro M., Benton R.
K. Popadin The distribution of chromatin modules along the human genome Popadin K., Delaneau O., Zazhytska M., Kumar S., Ambrosini G., Gschwind A., Borel C., Marbach D., Lamparter D., 5Bergmann S., Bucher P., Antonarakis S., Dermitzakis E., Reymond A.
V. Kapuria Proteolysis of HCF-1 by Ser/Thr glycosylation-incompetent O-GlcNAc transferase:UDPGlcNAc complexes. Kapuria V., Rohrig U., Bhuiyan T., Borodkin V., van Aalten D., Zoete V., Herr W.
M. Metzler Dissecting gene regulation base by base: study of the Hox boundary element Miscadestral pigmentation using CRISPR/Cas9. Metzler M., Müller M., Affolter M.
A. Gschwind Diversity and regulatory impact of copy number variation in the primate Macaca fascicularis Gschwind A., Singh A., Certa U., Reymond A., Heckel T.
G. Ruiz Buendia Chromatin conformation of expanded trinucleotide repeats in myotonic dystrophy type 1 Ruiz Buendia G., Leleu M., Dion V.
D. Aymoz Real-time quantification of protein expression at the single-cell level via dynamic protein synthesis translocation reporters Aymoz D., Wosika V., Durandau E., Pelet S.
D. Dylus interactive viewing and comparison of large phylogenetic trees on the web Dylus D., Robinson O., Dessimoz C.
JR. Arguello Local  Adaptation in the Chemosensory System as D. melanogaster Expanded Gloabally Arguello JR., Cardoso-Moreira M., Grenier JK., Gottipati S, Clark AG., Benton R.
I. Crespo Can social network help to infer causality in the tumor microenvironment? Crespo I., Doucey MA., Xenarios I.
T. Auer The basis of olfactory evolution: D. sechellia goes genetics Auer T., Benton R.
G. Giordano Attianese Epigenetic signature of WAT early aging highlights new immune players in WAT progression to senescence Giordano Attianese G., Naldi A.,Trang BK., Toffoli B., Winkler C.,
Baruchet M., Béatrice Desvergne B., Gilardi F.
M. Schiffrin PPARg KO mice show a gender dimorphism in Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Schiffrin M., Winkler C., Quignodon L., Sardella C, Naldi A., Köfeler H., Gilardi F., Desvergne B.
F. Mange Diurnal regulation of the RNA polymerase III Mange F., Praz V., Migliavacca E., Gilardi F., Schütz F., Hernandez N., CycliX consortium


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