Program - Speakers

Provisional program


Thursday June 13, 2019


09:30 Welcome

            09:35 Barbara B. Kahn | Harvard Medical School (USA)

            Fatty acid hydroxy fatty acids – endogenous lipid with anti-diabetic and anti-inflammatory

            10:10 Catherine Postic | Institut Cochin (FR)
            Role of the transcription factor ChREBP in organ cross talk and metabolic disease

10:45 Break

            11:05 Lewis C. Cantley | Weill Cornell Medical College (USA)

            PI 3-Kinase and cancer metabolism

            11:40 Haiping Wang | University of Lausanne (CH) - short talk
            Targeting CD36-PPARδ signaling-mediated metabolic adaptation in intratumoral Tregs primes

            tumors for PD-1 blockade

            11:55 Alexandre Picard | University of Lausanne (CH) - short talk

            A genetic screen identified hypothalamic IL-1R signaling as a regulator of insulin-induced
            glucagon secretion

            12:10 Ralph de Berardinis | UT Southwestern (USA)

            Understanding metabolic phenotypes in human tumors


12:45 Lunch and Poster session


            14:30 Sarah-Maria Fendt | KU Leuven (BE)

            Nutrient metabolism in cancer proliferation and progression

            15:05 Joel Elmquist | UT Southwestern (USA)

            Using mouse genetics to unravel CNS pathways controlling energy balance and glucose

            15:40 Markus Stoffel | ETHZ (CH)

            Role of RNA biology proteins and control in metabolism




18:00   John Grace Lecture

            Lewis C. Cantley | Weill Cornell Medical College (USA)

            Sugar and cancer: not a sweet story



Friday June 14, 2019



            09:30 Michael N. Hall | University of Basel (CH)

            mTOR signaling in growth and metabolism

            10:05 Bart Deplancke | EPFL (CH)

            A (single cell) omic journey through the world of adipose biology


10:40 Break


            11:00 David E. James | University of Sydney (AU)

            Application of systems biology to dissect insulin signaling networks

            11:35 Anita Nasrallah | University of Lausanne (CH) - short talk

            Global kinome analysis in obese subjects reveals PIM-1 as a novel target for the treatment of
            insulin resistance.

            11:50 Vineet Choudhary | UNIFR (CH) - short talk
            Biogenesis of Lipid Droplets from discrete sites in the ER

            12:05 Lluis Fajas | University of Lausanne (CH)

            The cyclin-dependent kinase 4 (CDK4) is a sensor and effector of energy levels in normal and
            in cancer cells


12:40 Lunch and Poster session


            14:30 Carlos Ribeiro | Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown (PT)

            The brain as a central regulator of nutrition: how needs turn into wants

            15:05 Charlotte Ling | Lund University (SE)

            The role of epigenetics in type 2 diabetes and obesity

            15:40 Jorge Ferrer | Imperial College London (UK)

            Noncoding genome function and diabetes


16:15 Concluding remarks



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