Program - Speakers

June 2, 2016

9:20      Opening Remarks

Session 1: Developmental Dynamics

9:30      Alexander Aulehla 
EMBL, DE: "Oscillatory signaling dynamics controlling mouse embryo

10:10    Suzanne Eaton
 MPI-CBG, DE: "A temperature dependent dietary shift alters the viable
             temperature range of Drosophila melanogaster"

10:50     Break

11:20     Prix H. A. Guénin ceremony
11:40     Alexander Schier
 Harvard, USA: "Feedback inhibition in reaction-diffusion patterning"

12:20     A. De Simone EPFL (short talk selected from abstracts): "Mechanisms of centrosome separation in
             C. elegans

12:40    Lunch

13:30     Poster session (odd numbers)

Session 2: Systems Biology and Development

14:30     James Sharpe
 CRG, ES: "Image-driven multi-scale modelling of limb development"

15:10     Eugenia Piddini
 University of Cambridge, UK: "Mechanisms and function of cell competition
             in health and disease"

15:50     Break

16:20     S. Minocha UNIL (short talk selected from abstracts): "Rapid recapitulation of chronic liver disease
             upon loss of HCF-1 function

16:40     Marcos Gonzalez Gaitan
 UNIGE, CH: "Asymmetric endosomes in asymmetric division"

17:20     End


18:00     Grace Lecture by Ross Cagan : "Flies and cancer in the era of precision medicine"

June 3, 2016

Session 3: (Epi)genetics and Development

9:30       Markus Affolter University of Basel, CH: "Cell activities in angiogenesis: a live imaging
             approach in zebrafish

10:10     Eileen Furlong
 EMBL, DE: "Robustness and transcription during embryonic development"

10:50     Break

11:20     S. Govindan UNIGE (short talk selected from abstracts): "Becoming a new neuron in the
             cerebral cortex

11:40     Anne Villeneuve 
Stanford, USA: "Dynamics of chromosome structures during C. elegans

12:20     Lunch

13:00     Poster session (even numbers)

Session 4: Genetics and Disease

14:00     Jeff Wrana
 Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Res. Ins., CA: "Cell shape volatility is controlled by planar
             cell polarity and drives migration"

14:40     Ross Cagan 
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, USA: "A fly approach to personalized
             cancer therapeutics"

15:20     David Stern
 Janelia Research Campus, HHMI, USA: "The evolution of Drosophila courtship

16:00     End

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