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Thursday June 23, 2022


09:30               Welcome - Jolanda van Leeuwen


Session 1 – Variants
Chair: Jolanda van Leeuwen


09:45-10:30     Lars Steinmetz, EMBL Stanford (USA)
                        "Novel technologies to functionally catalogue our genome - nucleotide by nucleotide"


10:30-11:15     Hannah Carter, University of California San Diego (USA)

                        “Common germline immune variants contribute to selective constraint on tumor

11:15-12:00     Jing Hou, University of Strasbourg / CNRS (FR)
                        “Background-dependent gene essentiality and beyond


12:00-12:10     Presentation of the Prix Henri Guenin - Aleksandar Vjestica


12:10-13:30     Lunch and Poster session


Session 2 – Genes
Chair: Sebastian Soyk


13:30-14:15     Charlie Boone, University of Toronto (CA)

                        “Large-scale analysis of genetic networks in yeast and human cells


14:15-15:00     Maitreya Dunham, University of Washington (USA)

                        “The role of genetic interactions in differences in gene essentiality between yeast


15:00-15:45     Yolanda Schaerli, UNIL, Lausanne (CH)
                        “Interactions in synthetic pattern-forming gene regulatory networks


15:45-16:15     Break


Session 3 – Short talks: the future of research on biological interactions
Chair: Aleksandar Vještica


16:15-16:30 (15 min) Talk #1 from selected abstract:
                       Gwen Swinnen, UNIL, Lausanne (CH)
                       "Revealing cryptic genetic modifiers that affect flower production in tomato"


16:35-16:50 (15 min) Talk #2 from selected abstract

                       Georgia Katsioudi, UNIL, Lausanne (CH)
                       "Nonsense-mediated mRNA decay regulates circadian timekeeping in mammals"


16:55-17:10 (15 min) Talk #3 from selected abstract

                       Athéna Sklias, UNIL, Lausanne (CH)
                       "Comprehensive map of ribosomal RNA 2’-O methylation and associated SNORDs
                        in Drosophila melanogaster"


17:15-17:30 (15 min) Talk #4 from selected abstract

                       Manuel Kaulich, Goethe University Frankfurt (DE)
                       "Optimized metrics for combinatorial CRISPR screens identify directional genetic





Friday June 24, 2022


Session 4 – Regulation
Chair: Yolanda Schaerli


09:30-10:15     Judith Zaugg, EMBL Heidelberg (DE)
                        “Cell-type specific regulatory networks to investigate disease mechanisms


10:15-11:00     Nadav Ahituv, University of California San Francisco (USA)
                        “Functional characterization and therapeutic targeting of gene regulatory elements


11:00-11:45     Bart Deplancke, EPFL, Lausanne (CH)

                        “Resolving the molecular mechanisms underlying regulatory variation-mediated

                         phenotypic diversity


11:45-13:00     Lunch & poster session


Session 4 – Proteins
Chair: Alexandre Reymond


13:00-13:45     Alexandra Bendel (Guillaume Diss' lab), FMI, Basel (CH)

                        “Deep mutational scanning of entire human protein interaction domain families


13:45-14:30     Yifat Merbl, Weizmann Institute of Science (IL)

                        “From epiProteomics to precision oncology


14:30-15:15     Marc Vidal, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (USA) - online

                        “Targeting protein-protein interactions in HDAC complexes”


15:15-15:30     Concluding remarks - Alexandre Reymond


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