Program - Speakers


Provisional program

Thursday June 6

9:30 Welcome (A. Reymond)
  First session, chair: A. Reymond
9:45 E.Eichler
Human genome structural variation, disease and evolution
10:45 P.Wittkopp
Genomic sources of regulatory variation: From mutation to polymorphism to divergence
11:30 Break
12:00 R.Wayne
Genomic studies of wild and domestic canids
12:45 Lunch
  Second session, chair: L. Keller
14:15 L.Andersson
How domestic animal genomics can teach human medicine and evolutionary biology
15:00 G.Wagner
Transposable element saturation and the tunable genome
15:45 Break
16:15 C.Peichel
The genomic architecture of speciation in sticklebacks
17:00 End
19:30 Symposium dinner

Friday June 7


Archaic genomics

10:30 L. Duret
The dynamics of recombination hotspots in the human genome: Insights from ancient DNA
11:15  break
11:45 E.Willerslev
Hunting the molecular past
12:30 lunch
14:45 G.Bejerano
Forward genomics and the prospects of cure models for human disease
15:00 K.Pollard
Many human accelerated regions are human-specific developmental enhancers
15:45 break
16:15 P.Flicek
Understanding regulatory evolution in closely related mammals
17:15 conclusions
18:15 Grace lecture, S.Pääbo


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