Program - Speakers

CIG symposium 2023 

Title: Emergence of Order Across Biological Scales 

Dates: June 8-9 2023 

Organizers: Maria Cristina Gambetta, David Gatfield


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Thursday June 8, 2023


09:30               Welcome 


Session 1 – Molecules
Chair: TBA


09:40-10:30     Maria Hondele, Univerisity of Basel (CH)
                        "DEAD-box ATPases are global regulators of phase-separated organelles and RNA flux"


10:30-11:20     David Ng, Max Planck Institute for Polymer research (DE)

                        "Controlling peptide assembly and function using cellular concepts"

11:20-12:10     Steven McKnight, University of Texas Southwestern (USA)
                        "How do protein domains of low sequence complexity work?"


12:10-13:30     Lunch and Poster session


Session 2 – Cells
Chair: TBA


13:30-14:20     Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz, Janelia Research Campus (USA)

                        "Looking under the hood of cells: from whole cell organelle reconstructions to
                         single molecule dynamics to atomic reconstructions of macromolecules"


14:20-15:10     Dora Tang, Max Planck Institute for Cell Biology and Genetics (DE)

                        "From molecules to life: building living systems from scratch"

15:10-16:00     Sophie Martin, UNIGE (CH)
                        "Emergence of cellular order: a tale of flows and condensates"


16:00-16:15     Break


Session 3 – Short talks: the future of research on biological interactions
Chair: "TBA"


16:15-16:35     Laia Simó Riudalbas, UNIL (CH)
       "The pro-metastatic factor POU5F1B is a human-restricted oncogene that reshuffles
                         membrane-associated proteins

16:35-16:55     Navin Gopaldass, UNIL (CH)

                        "Retromer oligomerization drives SNX-BAR coat assembly and membrane constriction"


16:55-17:15     Uyen Linh Ho, UNIL (CH)
Assessing missense mutation effects at scale using CRISPR-Cas9 base editors"


17:15-17:35     Nathaniel Himmel, UNIL (CH)
                        "The enigmatic origins of insect Gustatory and Odorant receptors: a homologous
                         protein superfamily spanning eukaryotes, archaea and bacteria"





Friday June 9, 2023


Session 4 – Tissues
Chair: TBA


09:30-10:20     Nicoletta Petridou, EMBL Heidelberg (DE)
                        "Spontaneous rigidification underlying the emergence of correct tissue patterning
                         and architecture"


10:20-11:10     Yanlan Mao, University College London (UK)
                        " Re-Emergence of Order During Tissue Repair"


11:10-12:00     Zev Gartner, University of San Francisco (USA)

                        "Balancing order and disorder during tissue self-organization"


12:00-13:10     Lunch & poster session


Session 4 – Populations & Ecosystems
Chair: TBA


13:10-14:00     Martin Ackermann, ETH Zurich (CH)

                        "A quantitative single-cell approach to microbiome research"


14:00-14:50     Steffen Rulands, Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich (DE)

                        "Self-organisation across scales: from molecules to insect societies"


14:50-15:40     Philipp Engel, DMF - UNIL (CH)

                        "Emergence and maintenance of diversity in host-associated microbiomes"


15:40-16:00     Concluding remarks


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