The Faculty of the CIG is organizing the annual CIG Symposium on the topic:

"From a single cell to a complex organism"

Once a year, the Center for Integrative Genomics (CIG) hosts an international conference with world-renowned scientists to discuss research on a specific topic. With this year’s symposium — as the CIG enters its second decade and adolescence! — we focus on the development of an individual from a single cell to an adult. How the complex organisms we see around us all develop from a single fertilized egg has fascinated scientists for centuries. With the extensive use of model organisms and ever improving imaging techniques, today we understand many aspects of this process and yet along the way have discovered new mysteries to be solved, including how disease states result from normal developmental processes going rogue. The speakers participating in this year’s symposium use an array of different approaches to reveal the complex trip a single cell takes to develop into a complex organism — the exciting new findings presented will be the subject of stimulating discussions.

CIG_Symposium_2016 16.12.15.jpg

Credits inserts: C. Fankhauser, F. Hamaratoglu, A. Lenard

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