QTEM Program

Using analytics to create a better world

QTEM - Quantitative Techniques for Economics and Management - is a global Master's network of universities and international corporate partners.

If you want to boost your career prospects with a unique set of skills and international exposure, the QTEM program is for you!

  • Acquire strong quantitative and analytical skills and techniques applied to management and economics
  • Study one or two semesters abroad: choose among 24 leading business and economic schools around the globe
  • Be immersed in the reality of decision-making through a company internship
  • Join an exciting and growing elite network
  • Receive your standard MSc Degree from Lausanne and the QTEM Certificate

The QTEM program is intended for HEC Lausanne students registered in the Master in Management, in Finance, in Economics or in Master in Accounting, Control and Finance.


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QTEM Data Challenge (QDC)

Each QTEM student will complete the two online courses and the global group work. They all will be offered during both semesters, Spring and Fall. The courses and the projet can be undertaken in parallel, before or during the exchange.

 1QTEM Data Challenge.jpg) Online course 1
 At the end of the course, QTEM students should be able to use and manipulate large databases, in Python and/or in R

 2) Online course 2
 At the end of the course, QTEM students should be prepared to collaborate in global, distant and multicultural teams


3) Global group work
In international teams of 3, QTEM students will work remotely to provide creative solutions and recommendations to a company by analyzing exclusive data provided by the company


How to choose your QTEM courses?

  1. Go to the QTEM course database
  2. Choose the courses that are corresponding to the Master program that you selected for your studies at HEC Lausanne
  3. Verify if the academic calendar of the chosen institution is compatible with the academic calendar of HEC Lausanne
  4. Fill in the Learning Agreement and submit it in the application file

Do not hesitate to contact Isabelle Schmid for questions regarding your courses.


QTEM Internship

The QTEM internship will be done during or after the Master

  • Covers a period of minimum 240 man-hours, full-time equivalent - 1.5 months
  • Must have an analytical component
  • Can be done in Switzerland or abroad

The internship will be managed through the QTEM Portal, as soon as the student finds an internship.

If the internship is done in Europe, a SEMP (ex-Erasmus) grant of CHF 440.- per month can be given. More information at the SASME.


Structure of the program, selection and deadlines

Choice of Track

The Track 2 Exchanges is meant for students in the:

  • Master in Management
  • Master in Finance
  • Master in Economics

The Track 1 Exchange is meant for students in the:

  • Master in Control, Accounting and Finance
  • Master in Management
  • Master in Finance
  • Master in Economics
Track 2 Exchanges


  • Semester 4.1: HEC Lausanne
  • Semester 4.2: QTEM partner - exchange + online course 1
  • Semester 5.1: QTEM partner - exchange + online course 2 + global group work
  • Semester 5.2: internship

Selection: during the 3rd year Bachelor or before starting the Master

Application deadline with an admission in the Master in September 2021: June 1st, 2021

June 1st, 2021: students choose the destinations of the first exchange

February 15th, 2021: student choose the destinations of the second exchange (for those who have started their Master in September 2020)


Track 1 Exchange


  • Semester 4.1: HEC Lausanne
  • Semester 4.2: HEC Lausanne + online course 1
  • Semester 5.1: QTEM partner - exchange + online course 2 + global group work
  • Semester 5.2: internship

Selection: during the 1st year Master

Application deadline: February 15th, 2021


QTEM Application: documents to submit

  1. QTEM Application Form
  2. QTEM Student Engagement Form
  3. Cover letter (max. 2 pages)
  4. Curriculum vitae
  5. Learning agreement (study program), one for each chosen destination - choose at least 3 destinations
  6. If Bachelor not undertaken at HEC: copies of all university results & certificates obtained
  7. GMAT score 650 recommended, 600 mandatory ; GRE also accepted
  8. Proof of proficiency in English if available (mandatory for Monash University)
  9. Any relevant document


"The GMAT Official Score Report" must directly be sent to HEC Lausanne and to QTEM. The codes are the following:

HEC Lausanne (University of Lausanne, HEC Lausanne, Master of Science Programs): VTR-GM-28



Application to be sent by e-mail: isabelle.schmid@unil.ch


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