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The importance of biology to society is growing, as evidenced by the development of personalized medicine, the ecological impacts of climate change and the fast evolving biotechnologies. Having citizens trained in biology is a need and an asset to our society. The School of Biology's mission is to provide higher education in biology leading to the ranks of Bachelor and Master. This teaching takes place at the Faculty of Biology and Medicine, a unique place for collaborations, synergy of complementary approaches and cultures. Biology is a multidisciplinary research burgeoning field; its study offers exciting knowledge and universally useful skills in the profession worldwide.


  • To promote a broad integrative knowledge of the biological sciences extending from the molecules within our cells to organisms in their ecosytems

  • To develop skills in observation and scientific research at the frontiers of knowledge

  • To acquire teamworking skills

  • To learn to communicate in French and English languages

  • To develop analytical and critical minds capable of learning independently

  • To appreciate the role of biology in society
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