Current students

Current PhD students in Management

Name Specialization Keywords
AALTVEDT Morten Strategy Technological Innovations; Organizational Change;  Frame Analysis 
AKINULI Olusola Strategy Legitimacy; SMEs; Social media
AOUN Adam Accounting and Control Research and Development; Financial Reporting; Corporate Governance
ARMAOS Konstantinos Organizational Behavior Heuristics; Social Identity; Fast-and-frugal Trees
BEKBERGENOVA Anely Organizational Behavior Charisma; Leadership; Gender; Nonverbal Behavior
BORISOVA Anastasia Accounting and Control Textual Analysis; Corporate Social Responsibility
BURRUS Inès Strategy Rural Youth; Sustainable Agriculture; Ethical Sourcing; Business Ethics
BUTERA Anaïs Organizational Behavior Charisma; Job Interviews; Leadership
DE ORLEANS BORBON Alonso Organizational Behavior Change management and heuristics
DE SAINT PRIEST Oriana Organizational Behavior Labour Economics; Competition and Diversity
EL FASSI Ismail Accounting and Control Management Accounting; Strategic Control; Innovation Management
EGAL Amina Strategy Entrepreneurial Finance; Social Return on Investment; Startups
EL MESSOUSSI Anas Mohamed Accounting and Control Corporate Social Responsibility; Corporate Governance; Management Accounting
FAESSLER Lisa Organizational Behavior Social learning strategies; cultural evolution; norms diffusion
FANI Valentina Strategy Corporate Strategy; M&A; Competitive Dynamics
FANNIN Jeremy Marketing Virtual and Augmented Reality and Consumer Behavior
GROSSO Thomas Strategy Institutional Theory; Business Ethics; Narrative
GRUBAN Moritz Strategy Social Evaluations; Legitimacy; Microfoundations of Institutions
JMILI Nada Organizational Behavior Workplace discriminations; Gender and ethnic inequalities; Stereotypes
JOST Matthieu Organizational Behavior Leadership; Virtual reality; Stress
KADJI Kéou Kambiwa Organizational Behavior Health Communication; Doctor-Patient Relationship; Self-disclosure
KEANE Allister Accounting and Control Operational Risk; Conflict of Interest; and Conduct Risk in Financial Services
KEOPRASEUTH Liliane Organizational Behavior Decision-Making Processes; Workplace Deviance; Behavioral Economics
KHADEMI Mahshid Organizational Behavior Interpersonal Power; Ethics of Power; Group Dominance and Hierarchy Formation
KHAN Umair Strategy CEOs Characteristics and Experiences; CEO Succession; International strategy
KIOUKA Anthi Strategy Corporate Entrepreneurship; Innovation and Technologies
KLEINBAUER Tyler Organizational Behavior Charisma; Leadership; Individual Differences
LEGERET Matthieu Organizational Behavior Behavioral Ethics; Behavioral Economics; Bounded Rationality
LONATI Sirio Organizational Behavior Leadership; Evolution of Hierarchy; Research Methods
MAHENDIRAN Shreekanth Strategy Innovation; Organizational Intelligenc; Strategy; and Capabilities
MÄNDLI Fabian Strategy Sustainability Strategy; Social Business; Media Coverage
MANOHARAN Saranya Organizational Behavior Ageism; Discrimination; Gender; Impression Management
MENDES DE OLIVEIRA Alissone Organizational Behavior Decision making bias; Discrimination; Recruitment process; Impression Management
MORGAN Natalie Marketing Sustainability; Consumer Psychology
RABI Ron Strategy Entrepreneurship; Startups; Venture-capital
RAHMANI Leïla Marketing Sustainable Consumer Behavior; Environmental Identity; Self-nature Connection
REZAEE Behzad Marketing Marketing Dynamics; Marketing Modeling; System Dynamics
SCHIMMELPFENNIG Robin Organizational Behavior Behavioral Science; Social learning; Spill-over effects
SCHWEGLER Yasmin Organizational Behavior Organisational Procedures; Deviance Decisions; Decision Making Processes
SOUSA GOMES Luis Strategy Information Ethics; Privacy; Artificial Intelligence
SU Janet Accounting and Control Corporate Social Responsibility; Carbon Accounting; Storytelling
VOLPENTESTA Valeria Accounting and Control Board Networks; Corporate Finance Strategies; Financial Reporting Quality
YANAR Evrim Marketing Luxury Consumption; Evolutionary Consumer Behavior
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