Mauel Jacques, Professor Emeritus

Jacques Mauel studied natural sciences at the University of Lausanne and was awarded a Ph.D. (1968) for his work on the cytotoxic activity of immune lymphocytes. He then moved to the Wistar Institute (Philadelphia, laboratory of Dr. Vittorio Defendi) to study DNA synthesis in macrophages stimulated by growth factors and oncogenic viruses. On returning to Switzerland (1971), he started a research aiming to elucidate immunological mechanisms at work in infections by Leishmania, an obligate intracellular protozoan parasite. He was promoted to Full Professorship in 1978, teaching biochemistry of metabolism to medical, natural sciences and pharmacy students. His main research interests were in the mechanisms whereby macrophages are stimulated to kill intracellular pathogens, using infection with Leishmania as a model.



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