Translational Research: From Basic Research to the Patient

Translational Research/Technology transfer

At the Department of Immunobiology, we seek to foster collaboration between research groups and industry to provide new paths to novel therapies and clinical approaches. We conduct basic discovery and pre-clinical investigations laying the foundation for clinical trials. The DB's inventions are the first step in the pathway of discovery to products that will alleviate human suffering. It takes a partnership between the Department of Immunobiology and companies in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries to advance these initial discoveries to their full potential.

Office of Technology Transfer (PACTT)



The Biopôle scientific park in Epalinges is found adjacent to the  Centre of Immunity and Infection Lausanne and hosts numerous llfe science societies and services.

This places the Biopôle at the heart of one of the highest densities of research and development clusters in Lausanne.

Biopôle SA is designed to encourage the formation and growth of biotechnology and other innovative companies and provides an excellent location for offices and research laboratories.

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