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Alberto Aronovitz, formerly a Senior Legal Advisor (1990-2019) on the legal systems of Israel, Latin America, Portugal, Spain and International Law at the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law in Lausanne (Swiss Ministry of Justice), holds an LL.B., a Master of Law, a Doctorate in International Law, a Certificate of European Studies, and a Diploma in International Law.


Visiting Professor on the Law of International Investments at the Tel-Aviv University Faculty of Law (since 1997) and the ONO Academic College (since 2010), Dr. Aronovitz has taught Cross-border Gambling at the University of Alicante (2006-2008), International Investments at the University of Catania (2007-2009), and Public International Law at the Faculty of Political Sciences of Bar-Ilan University (1995-1996). He has worked as the Attaché to the Management of the Department of International Contracts at IOT Commerce et Services S.A., Geneva (Italian ENI group,1988-1990) and as an Attorney at law in a private law firm (1983-1986).


Dr. Aronovitz lectures on subjects such as International Investments, Expropriations and Nationalizations, Private Property Rights, International Procedural Law, the Settlement of International Disputes, Regional Integration, as well as International and Regional Human Rights and Cross-Border Gambling. He has delivered lectures at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uruguay, the University of Montevideo (Uruguay), the University of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil), the University Pompeu Fabre (Spain), the University of Alicante (Spain), the State Council of Tatarstan, the University of Kazan (Tatarstan), the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania (Committee on Citizen's Rights and Nationalities), Lund University (Sweden), the University of Vilnius (Lithuania) and within the framework of the Euro-Mediterranean Master (Catania – Palermo).




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