Dr. Mehdi el Harrak

mehdi_el-harrak.jpeg (Mehdi El Harrak)


Mehdi el Harrak holds a Doctor of Laws from the Sorbonne Law School. He is a postdoctoral researcher and lecturer in law at the University of Lausanne. His fields of expertise are Comparative law, International Private Law, and International Trade Law. His PhD thesis describes offset contracts in an international trade context. He used an interdisciplinary approach based on his previous position as legal adviser with Orano SA, a multinational nuclear fuel cycle company, to apprehend strategic and military transactions.


Dr. el Harrak has been lecturing in Bucharest at the Franco-Romanian College of Law, at SciencesPo Paris, at ESSEC Business School and at the Burgundy School of Business. He regularly speaks at international conferences and seminars to share his expertise and research.


Since 2017 while pursuing postdoctoral research at the University of Lausanne, Dr. el Harrak has been specialising in Financial Contracts and FinTech.




Military Transactions


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