Professor Leone Niglia


Leone Niglia is a Professor (PhD, EUI) at the Sapienza University (Rome), Jean Monnet Chair. Since his first appointment at the University of Cambridge, he has taught in leading universities in the UK. Has has also held visiting professorial positions at various universities in and outside Europe.


Professor Niglia has been an Investigador Distinguido at the University (CIII) of Madrid, Spain; he has been awarded grants and fellowships inter alia from The British Academy (England), The Carnegie Trust (Scotland), The Modern Law Review (England), Michigan Law School (USA), The Leverhulme Trust (England), Salvador de Mariadaga Grant (Spain), The MIUR/Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research, the EU Jean Monnet Erasmus+ Programme, the EU FP7 Programme.


Professor Niglia is an author and editor of various monographs and books, including "The Structural Transformation of European Private Law. A Critique of Juridical Hermeneutics" (Oxford, London, New York, New Delhi, Sydney 2023), and "The Struggle for European Private Law. A Critique of Codification" (Oxford, London, New York, New Delhi, Sydney 2015, 2017). His works have been published in "The American Journal of Comparative Law (2)," "The Cambridge Yearbook of European Legal Studies," "The European Law Journal (4)," "The European Law Review," "The Columbia Journal of European Law, "The Oxford Yearbook of European Law," and "The Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law."




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