Mr. Laurent Develle

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Laurent Develle is an international business lawyer with in-depth expertise in the legal, transactional, regulatory, impact financing, compliance and governance aspects of corporate sustainable development topics. He advises businesses, executive teams and boards of directors, particularly in the fields of energy & renewables, sustainable transportation, commodities & shipping, as well as food, fishing and agriculture value chains.


With 20+ years of legal and compliance experience across continents, including over 12 years spent working in Asia, as well as a dual background in leading US/UK law firms (equity partner responsible for M&A and Environmental Asian Desks) and as Group General Counsel in various industries and governance environments, he teaches this course with cross-cultural sensitivities and takes a practical and business-like approach to issues at stake.


Going beyond a strict lawyer’s approach, he believes in the benefits of a transdisciplinary approach to resolve the current sustainability challenges and the opportunities of innovation, for example in the rapidly growing field of oceans conservation and sustainable use “Blue Economy”, a field in which he is actively involved as a legal expert at the IUCN, an advisor at Boston-based BlueTech incubator Sea-Ahead and a speaker at various international conferences.




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