Professor Yuko Nishitani



Yuko Nishitani is a Professor of International Private and Business Law at Kyoto University Graduate School of Law in Japan since April 2015. Prior to this, she held a Chair at Tohoku University (1997-2007) and Kyushu University (2011-2015). Among various research stays abroad, she visited Duke Law School in the U.S. (2009/12) and the University of Brescia in Italy (2007/08). She was also a Director of Studies (2004) and Lecturer (2011) at the Hague Academy of International Law.


After completing her undergraduate and master studies at Kyoto University, she did research in Hamburg and Heidelberg, Germany (1994-1997). She earned a Ph.D. in July 1998 from the University of Heidelberg. Her thesis "Mancini und die Parteiautonomie im Internationalen Privatrecht" was awarded the Lucia-und-Rolf-Serick-Preis 1998 and was published in 2000. Prof. Nishitani has been a visiting researcher in Milan and Florence (1999-2000), New York (2003-2004), Paris (2007-2008) and Hamburg (2009-2011). She also served as a Senior Legal Officer on Secondment at the Permanent Bureau of the Hague Conference on Private International Law (2004).


Her area of interest is private international law, international business law, international civil procedure law, comparative law, and family and successions law. She is currently doing research on several topics, particularly on globalisation and legal pluralism, the objectives and meaning of uniform law, cultural identity of individuals in private international family law, and the autonomy of children in family law.



Business Law and Litigation in Asia




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